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Gold Buyers Sydney Pawn Shop Loans

$20,000+ 4%
$10,000+ 5%
$4,000+ 8%
$1,000+ 10%
$200+ 12%

We only lend on

We pawn gold at:

We Pawn Gold at

9ct $34.87 per gram
14ct $54.39 per gram
18ct $69.73 per gram
22ct $85.17 per gram
24ct $92.96 per gram

Prices Updated: Friday, April 12 2024

We Buy Gold Up To

9ct $38.74 per gram
14ct $60.43 per gram
18ct $77.48 per gram
22ct $94.63 per gram
24ct $103.29 per gram
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Premier Sydney Pawnbrokers Service

Stop going to pawn shops in Sydney that charge 35% a month! No names, but you know which ones they are. At Gold Buyers Sydney our pawn loan interest rates are as low as 2 – 3% a month.

Different to regular pawn shops, we also lend significantly more on your gold jewellery, diamonds, luxury watches, gold coin and gold/silver bullion.

We are here for you, and we happen to be nice people! The days of going to a grumpy pawn broker and getting treated like rubbish are over. Our staff are friendly, they care about you and they are expert pawn brokers. We appreciate you choosing us and in return we deliver great and affordable customer service to you. Get instant cash loans (no cheques) for pawning your unused gold items and jewellery today. Come into our secure Sydney Central CBD location in Pitt St and speak to our friendly staff about pawning your items.

Identification Requirements

In order to do a loan YOU NEED ONE of the following identifications:

  • - Passport, or
  • - Drivers Licence, or
  • - A document issued by statutory authority bearing a

Or two of the following identifications:

  • - Full Birth Certificate or Extracts of Birth Certificate
  • - Certificate of Australian Citizans
  • - Marrige Certificate
  • - Cards issued by the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Affairs eg. Pension Concession Card