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Level 9, suite 906 / 84 Pitt St.
Sydney, NSW 2000

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When selling gold at our Sydney office, please keep in mind that we buy almost anything that has gold or silver, but not all items that have gold and silver.

Have a look in this page at the type of items we accept, we would hate for you to waste a trip to the city and not be able to sell what you need.

Because we are specialistic gold jewellery, diamonds, luxury watches, gold bullion, silver bullion, gold coins and silver coins. We are able to provide you with an excellent service, full of knowledge and underfunding of the market. We are proud to say you will not find a better place in Sydney and in Australia.

We Buy Gold Up To

9ct $37.05 per gram
14ct $57.79 per gram
18ct $74.09 per gram
22ct $90.49 per gram
24ct $98.78 per gram
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Prices Updated: Thursday, June 13 2024