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Buy & Sell Bullion Gold Bars in Sydney

All gold bullion sales are subject to availability.
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Buy & Sell Bullion Gold Bars | Gold Buyers Sydney
Gold Bullion We Sell From We Buy Up To
1 oz Gold Bullion $ 3,554 $ 3,380
1/4 oz Gold Bullion $ 914 $ 845
1/2 oz Gold Bullion $ 1,812 $ 1,690
2 oz Gold Bullion $ 7,200 $ 6,761
5 oz Gold Bullion $ 17,948 $ 16,902
10 oz Gold Bullion $ 35,896 $ 33,805
5 grs Gold Bullion $ 637 $ 542
10 grs Gold Bullion $ 1,230 $ 1,085
20 grs Gold Bullion $ 2,327 $ 2,170
50 grs Gold Bullion $ 5,789 $ 5,426
100 grs Gold Bullion $ 11,579 $ 10,852
500 grs Gold Bullion $ 57,507 $ 54,263
1 kilo Gold Bullion $ 114,624 $ 108,685
Prices Updated: Thursday, June 13 2024
The prices shown above are indications of Spot retail price and will only be updated during trading hours.

All bullion trading is operated by PP RENTALS PTY LTD

Buy and sell gold bullion bars

Whether you need to buy or sell gold bullion, we have a large selection of gold bars available at Sydney’s most competitive prices. You can be confident you have come to the right place.

Buy & Sell Bullion Gold Bars | Gold Buyers Sydney

Selling gold bars is easy, simply come to our office with your bullion and receive a quote in the spot. You then have the choice to be paid in cash or bank transfer.

Buying gold bars is also easy, come to our office and choose what or how much would you like to spend and one of our friendly staff will show you all the different options. We accept cash, if you would like to pay by bank transfer the process can take up to a day. Alternatively, you can do a transfer at the teller in your bank, which we would then release the goods the same day.

When it comes to gold Bullion bars, you want to be speaking with an expert in the industry, we encourage you to visit us, ask as many questions as you like, get a real feel and make an informed decision. Our team is always here ready and willing to help you.

We Buy Gold Up To

9ct $37.05 per gram
14ct $57.79 per gram
18ct $74.09 per gram
22ct $90.49 per gram
24ct $98.78 per gram
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Silver Bullion Bars: Click Here

Prices Updated: Thursday, June 13 2024
Prices are subject to change.

We Pawn Gold at

9ct $33.35 per gram
14ct $52.01 per gram
18ct $66.68 per gram
22ct $81.44 per gram
24ct $88.9 per gram

Prices Updated: Thursday, June 13 2024

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